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Over the past few years, video has become more popular when it comes to corporate training.  Dial-up internet connections are a thing of the past, and broadband (high-speed internet) means that videos now load at significantly faster speeds than in years past.  In fact, most videos can download almost instantly, or, stream as the employee is watching. 

So what does this mean for you?  Saving time and money! 

Informational and training videos are cost effective.  A company only has to make one video, but can use or sell it many times over.  In these videos, companies can explain a complex process with ease and clarity through product demonstration or animation.  Plus, video is global and can virtually transport a person to wherever they need or want to go.

Relaying information or training employees via video also allows you to combine various components, such as photos, video clips, documents, animations, and even pre-existing PowerPoint presentations, to create succinct video.  The video can then be topped off with a voiceover to explain and enhance the learning experience.

Thanks to the advances in broadband internet connections, companies can now offer training and informational videos to certify employees on a wide range of topics, including how to use software, products and soft skills within the company.  Employees can take part in these high-definition video training sessions at work, or even at home, conveniently and securely.
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