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Wedding Video

#1  Why HD is now essential

Although in the year 2014 the video industry is still in a transition stage between SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) video, we are well past what I consider the halfway point where HD is quickly becoming the norm and SD is obsolete.  Some videographers have a small upcharge for HD and some offer slight discounts for SD.  Our advice is that regardless of the cost, it is highly worth it to protect your investment by opting for HD now.  Simply put, would you buy a cassette tape today of your favorite band?
#2  Hire a professional

Hiring a videographer (or any vendor) that thinks they’re the most important is a huge mistake.  How can you tell this ahead of time?  Ask how they intend to work with the other vendors on your wedding day.  Bella Novia videographers pride themselves on working together with your other vendors, particularly the photographer and DJ - the videographer and photographer are often trying to get the same shot, so we coordinate with the photographer rather than fighting with them.  For example, during the ceremony we will commonly split the center aisle so that we both have the best shot.  At the reception, we work together with the DJ to ensure that we know exactly what is happening and at what time.  Also see example in #3 below.
#3  Experience does make a difference

Filming a wedding is all about anticipation and being in the right place at the right time to capture the most intimate and special (and even spontaneous) moments.  For example, during your reception an amateur will hear the announcement for your first dance, then get his camera in place and being recording... thus missing the first portion of your most important dance together.  Bella Novia’s professional videographers coordinate with the DJ so that they are in place and recording before the DJ even makes the announcement for the first dance, or any of the events.
#4  Be weary of big one-stop shops

The big one-stop shop companies that offer everything for your wedding under one roof sound attractive and can offer additional discounts with the more vendors you book through them.  But those discounts are not always worth the lack of personalized attention you need and deserve on your wedding day.  Bella Novia owner Eric Pensenstadler explains, “When I first began filming weddings I worked for some of these types of companies and I was actually amazed that they would send me out to film a wedding knowing that I had little to no wedding experience.  I also discovered that many of their wedding videos would take 1 to 2 years to complete.  That is when I decided to make wedding videography my focus and offer Pittsburgh area brides a better, more personalized option.”

Bundling packages together can be a great way to save some precious budget.  But make certain that before you sign a contract you know who each of your vendors will be.  Also make sure that you have seen their work and that they truly are professional at what they do and have the necessary experience.
#5  Don’t always count your pennies

Your wedding day is considered one of only 4 life-changing events that you will experience in your lifetime.  It is a day that most girls dream of since they were small children.  Wedding budgets can run high, and often over budget.  That is a difficult predicament to be in and the professionals at Bella Novia understand this.  When recently married brides were polled throughout the United States, an overwhelming 95% said that their wedding video was the number 1 way that they remembered and relived their wedding day.  Nearly all brides that did not hire a professional videographer regretted it and said that if they could change one thing it would be to have hired a videographer.  Don’t leave any regrets.  Allow Bella Novia to capture and preserve your most precious day!