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One of the many benefits of video is that it has a much more personal feel compared to print advertising. 

Seeing someone or something with one’s own eyes through video allows him or her to feel a stronger connection to the specific message that is being conveyed.  This personal connection can be helpful for companies in terms of training purposes, passing information along in an organization, attracting people to a brand or for basic marketing strategies. 

Many people choose to take advantage of video for demonstration purposes.  This can be very useful when introducing a new system or product to employees or clients since video presentations are more reliable and reduce problems that many arise during a live demonstration.

The efficiency of the medium is quite remarkable.  A single promotional or training video can be used multiple times and for a variety of purposes at events like conferences, training sessions or seminars.  In addition, video can be used in conjunction with a live presentation to enhance its effectiveness.

Adding a video to a website, despite the goals of a company, improves the relationship between said company and its user.  In a sense, a video simulates a hands-on experience.  It also unveils confidence, reliability and trust, both in the eyes of the company and the consumer.  By demonstrating a product through video, a company is showing they have pride in their product.  This confidence is then transferred through to the consumer because they understand that the company backs their product.  Therefore, a company whose website contains a video, in any way, shape or form, is viewed as more trustworthy than one that does not.

Video is also useful in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).  The ability of video to propel a company to a high Google ranking and a strong search engine presence cannot be overlooked.  And at a time when everything is at our fingertips thanks to the internet, this fact is extremely notable.  To top it off, the multifaceted success of YouTube just goes to show the kind of power that video can have over an audience.



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Marketing / Promotional Video

This marketing video is a great example of a simple yet powerful sales tool.  While this video appears relatively basic, it incorporates many different important sales techniques for promotional videos.  The hall manager makes an appearance allowing the viewer to feel more comfortable in knowing who they are dealing with when they call.  Shots of an actual event in the hall are included.  Main points are reinforced with text.

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Marketing / Promotional Video

This marketing video was created for Valley School of Ligonier in conjunction with marketing guru Skip Glenn.  While working with an existing marketing team, or bringing in our own experts, is extremely valuable, we at Video Horizons are still fully capable of working directly with you and your team to ensure that your marketing video works exactly how you intend it to. 

To see more, visit our YouTube page at: