Video helps sell you and your product because it relieves the

                                “unknown” barrier between you and your potential customers.

                                YouTube is now the second most popular search engine on the

                                web.  It is also the third most-visited website.  Having video

                                content on YouTube can drastically increase your web presence.

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In today’s rapidly growing world of smart phones and iPads, a website just isn’t enough.  Did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google?  That’s right, an internet VIDEO search engine is used almost as much as Google itself.  Do you have videos on Youtube and your website?  If not, then we need to talk!

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One of the many benefits of video is that it has a much more personal feel compared to print advertising. 

Seeing someone or something with one’s own eyes through video allows him or her to feel a stronger connection to the specific message that is being conveyed.  This personal connection can be helpful for companies in terms of training purposes, passing information along in an organization, attracting people to a brand or for basic marketing strategies.

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  Corporate Video is a collective term to describe a video production used as a business
     tool rather than for entertainment purposes.  There are many uses and benefits of video to 
     businesses of all sizes.   Please read below for some options.  We offer no-obligation
  consultations in the comfort of your own office.


Thanks to the advances in broadband internet connections, companies can now offer training and informational videos to certify employees on a wide range of topics, including how to use software, products and soft skills within the company.  Employees can take part in these high-definition video training sessions at work, or even at home, conveniently and securely.

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Cable advertising today is far more accessible and practical than years past.

Companies like Comcast have implemented digital technologies that can pinpoint your target market and play your TV spots during precisely the best programming and time of day to reach them.  And you can do so through dozens of the most watched cable networks.

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Are you tired of missing all of your child’s performances because you’re always the one looking through the viewfinder?  Or are you the owner of a dance school looking to help offset the costs by selling DVDs of the big recital?  There’s hundreds of reasons to have your live event videotaped.  Preservation and selling copies are among the top reasons.

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Award-winning Videography, Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Consider Video Horizons for all your

corporate videography, event videography, wedding videography needs.


Attorneys often times need to call in the video specialists, and we’re here to help!

We provide law firms in the Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding counties with professional video services for VIDEO DEPOSITIONS, LOCATION EVIDENCE, RE-CREATIONS, DAY-IN-LIFE, VIDEO ANALYSIS, EXECUTION OF WILL, and more.

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Video Horizons’ resources can provide live audio and visual support for your company event.  This may include sound reinforcement, projector/screen set ups, staging & podiums, lighting, wireless microphones, IMAG(image magnification), etc.

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